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2022년 05월 18일
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제목 EAA’s First Annual Environmental Video Contest 2011-12-27 01:20:35
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EAA’s First Annual Environmental Video Contest


The Environment Action Association (EAA) is proud to announce our first
annual environmental video contest “The Greener me, the Better us.”


EAA invites you to submit a funny, creative video portraying how each of us can
do to reduce our environmental impact and what we can do to protect Mother


Topics include but are not limited to: energy & water conservation, recycling,
composting, buying local, reusing, and consumption, etc.


Anyone 18 years or older living in US is invited to use a camcorder, camera or
mobile device to record a video clip two minutes or less.


Upload the video to either of the following:


1. Our Facebook Page ‘Environment Action Association (http://on.fb.me/hSzsFj)


2. Your “YouTube” account under the subject of EAANYC-The Greener me, The Better us and tag EAANYC.


Videos will be judged on originality, creativity, adherence to theme and number
of page views generated.


The contest runs from Jan 5 to March 5, 2012. Winning videos will be
announced on Earth Day and available for online viewing at environmentaa.org
and on the EAA facebook page.


Rules & Procedures:


∎ Videos must be PG rated

∎ Videos should be 2 minutes or less

∎ Finished videos must be uploaded to YouTube

∎ You may submit more than one video

∎ If filming others, you must have their permission before it gets posted to

∎ Videos must be posted and the link along with the entry form sent to
eaanyc@gmail.com by no later than midnight Eastern Time, Monday, 5 March
2012 to be included in the competition.




First place -$300 cash

Second place -$200 cash

Third place -$100 cash


The Environment Action Association reserves the right to eliminate any video
is done is poor taste, deemed inappropriate and/or does not meet the requirements above.


Entry forms are available upon request by email.

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